Can I Landscape A Small Backyard?

A small backyard does not mean you can’t have a beautiful landscape.  Small backyards can have stunning landscaping with a couple tips and tricks. Here are five easy landscaping ideas for small backyards:

  1. Pick a bold color scheme

    Landscaping ideas - Bold patio furniture

    Bold patterns can pull a small backyard together!

    1. Small backyards create a great opportunity to highlight your favorite colors. A pop of color can add visual interest to any small backyard. Simple ways to add more color to your yard include picking out patio furniture that has a bold hue to it. Maybe your patio chairs have bright red cushions, or your patio table has a deep blue pattern. Pull you landscape together with flowers that are have the same bold color to really make your space feel complete.
  2. Focus on function

    1. Landscaping a small backyard is easy when you know exactly what you want the area to function as. Is it going to be a place where people can sit and have a drink? Consider buying an outdoor cocktail table with matching chairs. Do you want to entertain guests outside? Find compact patio furniture that can accommodate a few guests without taking too much space. Do you like to practice yoga outside? Create a peaceful area to do so with an outdoor storage box stocked with all of your yoga essentials. Knowing exactly what you want your backyard to function as stops you from feeling overwhelmed. Don’t try and cram to many things in to one small area. It will end up making it feel much smaller.
  3. Vertical gardens

    1. Another great landscaping idea for small backyards is to do a vertical garden. Vertical gardens
      Vertical Garden - Landscaping ideas

      Vertical gardens are a great way to add life to your backyard!

      are just what they sound like; a garden that is planted vertically rather than horizontally on the ground. The plants from your vertical garden are a great way to add some life to a small space. Making a vertical garden is not hard if you follow a few simple steps:

      1. Pick the vertical garden you prefer. Some options include a container style garden (containers are fastened to a wall), a pocket style garden (planter with multiple pockets to grow various plants), or even a pallet style garden (you can find pallets at stores such as Walmart or Home Depot).
      2. Find the spot you want to put your garden. Typically, they are place against a fence or the side of the house.
      3. Fill each space in whichever garden you chose with soil that is rich in nutrients and will help plants grow.
      4. Add your plants and watch them grow!
  1. Think tall

    1. If you have a small backyard you probably don’t have the option to make your space wider. Instead, think taller. Planting plants and foliage that grow tall rather than wide is another way to add dimension to your yard. Tall plants or trees will also provide you shade and privacy, both of which are hard to come by with small yards. If a tree is too much to handle consider getting a bush that grows tall, such as the emerald arborvitae.
  2. Simplicity is key

    1. Small backyards that are filled with all kinds of random plants, furniture, grills, etc. look cluttered and dirty. If your backyard looks messy it is time for some serious cleaning. Cut down broken branches, move small bushes to your vertical garden, pile up all the trash and old items to be hauled awayand start over. Like most things in life, less is more. The less you have in your backyard the bigger it will feel. Focus on one thing that will make you happy (maybe it’s a fire pit or a lounge chair for reading) and make it the focus of your yard. Landscaping does not necessarily mean you need to have hundreds of plants in your yard.

Small backyards have plenty of space for beautiful landscaping ideas. Don’t feel like you can’t have a beautiful outdoor space because of its size. With a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, any outdoor space, no matter how small or large, can be stunning!

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