How To Start A Landscape Design

Before pulling out the landscaping tools, it is essential to have a landscape design. Like any other major project, having a set plan and end goal in mind is much better than digging holes all over a yard with no purpose!

Think Ahead

First of all, take time to really think about what the ideal front or back yard looks like. Obviously the “perfect” yard looks different for everyone. Some people may prefer a large yard with plenty of grass and trees. Others may prefer a xeriscape design that conserves water and is easy to maintain.  If there are multiple people involved in the landscape design it is important to talk about what each person would like to see in the yard. This process can be incredibly short for some people, while it may take months for others. Here are some things to consider:

  • Yard-work – Does the idea of having yard work excite or exhaust ?
  • Climate – Do you live in a climate where it rains often? Or is is dry? Make sure the plants used in the landscape design are fitted to the environment
  • Purpose – Will the yard be used for hosting parties? A private escape? Determine a purpose your space before starting a landscape design
  • Time constraints – Consider the business of life and season of the year before starting a large landscape project. Don’t get caught in a situation where time runs out and you are left with a half-done yard!

Once you have an idea for the considerations above, it is time to start working on landscape design!

Plan a Landscape Design

The first step of design the perfect landscape for your home is to create a visual of the space. While working  on a computer is great, many people like to simply draw the yard on a piece of paper! Rather than including every single thing located in the yard, only include items that will remain in the space after the landscaping is completed. For example, the deck or a hot tub. It is important to note areas of the yard, such as hills, where there is a lot of sun, or where there is a lot of shade, that may affect the new landscape.

PRO TIP: It is a good idea to make copies of the visual so that elements of the yard can be added or taken away with no need to erase. Simply compare different ideas side by side to pick and choose which elements make the ideal landscape for you!

The next step is to determine which landscape design is best suited for you. Does the ideal landscape design include a place to host dinner parties? A place for kids or pets to run around? A zen garden? All of the above? A solid goal for the yard is essential before moving to the following step.

Create the Ideal Landscape

Once the goals of the front and/or back yard are defined it is time for the fun part – adding elements in to the visual representation! Start with large elements such as a fish pond, a garden, a fence, hedging, or a pergola. Next, add in the small features such as plants or trees that will be added to the landscape design.

Choosing plants for the design may seem overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider:

    • Stick with a color theme that looks good with your home
    • Try not to combine many different colors. Instead, use 3-4 similar colors of plants
    • Defined planting areas give the yard a clean look
    • Curving planting areas five the yard a more rugged, natural appearance
    • Plant tallest to shortest (tallest plants in the back, shortest at the front)
    • Determine if you want plants to return each year (perennials) or plants that need to replanted annually (annual)

Of course, it is important to keep budget in mind – elements in landscape designs can add up fast!

Filling in the Details

Details in a landscape design can make all the difference. Elements such as pathways in the yard, opting to build retainer walls, or custom fencing can make the yard feel more elegant, or more natural, depending on the desired goals of the space. If you are not sure wha would look the best for your yard, professional landscapers can help guide you through the process!

Once the perfect landscape design is fully developed, it is time to start physically working on the project! Whether you decide to hire a professional company or take on the project by yourself, it is essential that a well-throughout landscape design is in place!

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