Landscaping in Commerce City

JDR Pro Landscaping is proud to provide landscaping services in Commerce City, Colorado! Regardless of the size or current conditions of your landscape, JDR Pro Landscaping can design and build an outdoor living area that you will absolutely love! From designs, to build, we tackle it all. We know what a successful landscaping project requires and how to maintain a beautiful outdoor space! Give us a call today or fill out a quick questionnaire for a free quote!

Landscaping Services in Commerce City

Landscaping in Commerce City Colorado

Landscape Design

Work with an experienced landscaping team to develop and create your ideal landscape design! JDR Pro Landscaping ensures you are thrilled by your landscape before we start to physically construct it! Whether you prefer a high maintenance yard, or a yard you don’t have to think twice about, we can make it happen! Landscape design elements include:

  • Plant selection
  • Plant placement
  • Xeriscaping
  • Patios, decks, pergolas, verandas, and more!
  • Drainage
  • Retaining walls
  • Stone features
  • Custom fire pits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor dining areas
  • Landscape lighting
  • Safe and fun play areas
landscaping under construction

Landscape Construction

Rather than spending weeks renovating or remodeling your outdoor areas, let JDR Pro Landscaping take care of the work! Don’t spend your weekends hauling materials back and fourth or cutting the lawn! We specialize in planning, constructing, and maintaining all types of landscape designs. Examples of landscaper construction include:

  • Trees, shrubs, and flowers
  • Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Decks, fences, and stone patios
  • Outdoor kitchens and dining areas
  • Shade structures, pergolas, and verandas
  • Lawn sod and seeding
  • Walkways, steps, and stairs
  • Pet-friendly areas
  • Safe and fun play area
  • Hardscape’s
workers putting up a fence


JDR Pro Landscaping prides ourselves as one Commerce City’s best fencing professionals. Whether the fencing is damaged, old and needs replacement, or is a new installment, we have you covered! In addition to providing your home with natural beauty, fencing also gives you family much-desired privacy and sense of security.

ornamental grass


Commerce City is the perfect place for xeriscaping! Xeriscaping provides the visual effect of having lots of greenery but using less water than a traditional lawn! This landscaping type has been rising in popularity in recent years. Rather than worrying about daily waterings, xeriscaping is a low maintenance landscaping option perfect for the Colorado climate.

5 Reasons to Landscape in Commerce City

  1. Adds value to your home
    1. Investing in beautiful landscaping adds significant value to your home. In fact, according to, it can add tens of thousands in value! As time goes on landscaping gets bigger and more beautiful. This drastically increases the curb appeal of your home over time. Instead of planting a random assortment of plants and trees to fill in space, hiring a professional landscape company can make your yard looks cohesive and put together.
  2. Great for entertaining
    1. Rather than keeping house guests from your unsightly front or back yard, a beautiful landscape gives you the option to entertain outside! Host a BBQ, celebrate a birthday party, or just have a relaxed evening with some close friends in an outdoor area that is catered to your needs! Utilizing your front and back yards is a great way to add additional “space” to your home.
  3. Encourages outdoor fun
    1. If a dirty back yard is keeping you from enjoying the outdoors, landscaping can fix that! A thoughtfully designed yard can be a great reason to go outside and get some exercise! As a result, children will be more active and less inclined to sit inside all day. Additionally, landscapes can be designed with different activities in mind. Don’t let uneven, unattractive outdoor areas keep you indoors!
  4. Helps the environment
    1. Landscaping in Commerce City helps the environment! For example, trees help absorb carbon from the air and produce oxygen. Large trees provide shade to homes, cooling the inside, therefore lessening the need to use air conditioning. Foliage also helps detoxify toxic soil and keeps it healthy. For more information about how landscaping keeps the environment clean, check out this article!
  5. Family nights
    1. Most importantly, a beautifully landscape area encourages family time. A crackling fire pit with comfy chairs or a family-friendly porch is an open invitation for more family time. There is something incredibly peaceful and relaxing about spending time with loved ones outdoors. Why not make it more enjoyable with landscaping?

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