Ideal Plants for Xeriscaping

When planning to xeriscape a backyard it is important to know which plants are ideal for the low maintenance landscape. JDR Pro Landscapincan make your low maintenance landscape dreams a reality. We aim to use as many native species as possible. After all, they have already become accustomed to Colorado’s natural weather patterns and water levels. However, that is not the rule necessarily as you will see from our selections. There are many fantastic nonnatives, noninvasive species worth loving. We guarantee these will have you craving to just to sit back and relax while you enjoy your new view. Our selected plants will be entirely made up of perennials that still produce beautiful blooms and look exciting giving the feel of a rich well-attended landscape, without any of the work.

Meet The Xeric Plants

Hopflower oregano – scientific name Origanum libanoticum

 plants for xeriscaping

This wonderful perennial herb is hardy in zones 4b thru 8. showcasing sweet cascading lavender blooms , she will be content with moderately wet, to completely dry soil conditions, and is content in both partial shade and full sun. Hopeflower is native to mountains of Lebanon and Syria, she will survive up to 6200 ft above sea level. Blooming summer all the way thru fall. enjoys to be cut back in the spring and general maintenance is only required every 5 – 10 years. deadheading spent blooms will encourage new blooms. A deer resistant plant thriving in soil types like clay, loam, and sandy soils. a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape.  fantastic  draping plant in planters or along rock walls and rock gardens.



 Hummingbird flower – scientific name Zauscheria Garretti plants for xeriscaping

talk about color! This striking perennial native to Colorado Rockies is also referred to as the hummingbird trumpet, easy to see why with the huge deep red-o ens she will root well in clay, loam and sandy soil conditions, pretty much zero maintenance but if you trim a few inches every year she will spread out. A lower growing plant at a max of 6 inches high, blooming from mid to late summer adding a large dose of color. Will survive with moderate watering or in xeric conditions making range long blooms on dense green foliage, great in high altitudes up to 8,200 ft above sea level. And cold gard this ideal for many types of gardens here in Colorado with partial or full sun. supplemental water is recommended in the winter for the first 2 years but only if winter is extremely dry.


Penstemons!elfin pink  plants for xeriscaping

These guys are so much fun and have so many verities however the most xeric hardy with the partial sun we chose were a spring thru summer blooming, Penstemon “Elfin Pink”: scientific name P. Barbatus. loaded with deep hot pink blooms on deep green foliage. Given the choice, she would love full sun but is happy in partial sun, hardy up to 8,500ft above sea level growing over a foot tall loving the xeric landscape.

We follow up with Penstemon ” Rocky Mountain” scientific name P. Strictus rich royal deep lavender-blue blooms from June thru August, growing up to 11,000 ft above sea level and growing close to 2 ft. this is the ideal xeriscape perennial for the hot summer months. With the added benefit of being a wonderful cut flower. Great in both partial sun and full sun especially in sandy or normal soil conditions. Benefits are that this is rabbit resistant has loads of planting options. Dry soil is absolutely optimal for this North American native.

Furman’s Red Sage of the Salvia Greggii family.furmans red in bloom plants for xeriscaping

Talk about brilliant, this sage is so easy to grow. We do not over think it; rock mulch is optimal and looks really good in a xeriscape. Furman’s needs hot temps and dry sandy gravely soil, (only if your property is too cold will you mix gorilla hair into the top layer of soil). In fact, forget about it once it’s planted with an exception to visual enjoyment. She will benefit from proper fall garden prep on our project. Furman’s offers wonderful blooms extreme crimson red flowers mounted on spikes of dark green stems in dense green foliage. Blooming in late spring and again in fall. Growing around 2 feet tall. Thrives well in zones 5b thru 10. loam, amended clay or sandy soil conditions, up to 5500 ft above sea level

Yucca Filamentosa, Ivory Tower.

full yucca ivory tower  plants for xeriscaping



A variegated yucca with tall elegant spears showcasing ivory white blooms reaching up too 4 feet high growing 6500 ft above sea level

Blue Avena Grass

ornamental grass plants for xeriscapingGrowing around 4 feet tall enhancing the gently arching, rich smokey blue foliage. She is drought tolerant making for a great xeric plant. Growing in zones 4 thru 9 will do good mostly on rainfall only scant supplemental watering in extremely dry weather is necessary. But she will tolerate some moisture, soil that has little fertility and well-draining is the best growing conditions.  Cut back in April to enhance intense new growth we love this grass; it only gets better with time. Like all grasses when the middle dies out simply divide the root ball and it will re-burst to life as well as propagate a new bunch of grass. Talk about the beauty that keeps on giving! we can help at JDR PRO.

German Bearded Iris.

We find these growing naturally on their own all over, don’t fear them! They are the perfect flowering perennial for the xeric landscape fun wide yet slim and long green fan-like foliage will complement the yucca and the blue Avena will thrive in partial shade as well as full sun in sandy, clay or loam soils with a verity of bloom colors. Growing up to 8,500 ft above sea level. Growth can potently be as tall as 3 feet.


Sedum, Angelina / Stonecrop plants for xeriscaping

A bright golden green juicy plant.  trailing ground cover that also looks amazing being allowed to cascade down rock walls or planter rims. Spreading to a nice carpet around other perennials and in between rocks. With glittering yellow blooms from May – June. Gives the false impression of a lush well-watered landscape. Growing in part sun the perfect xeric planting choice. We wait to water this in till it’s been planted 2 or 3 days. Growing in elevation up to 6500ft. zones 4-11




Call us for a free estimate. We here at JDR PRO want to do the hard work of planning what will growand thrive best based on your needs. We will give you a classy, rich hardscape or landscape to enjoy for years to come.  We can’t wait to show you the before and after pictures from this project. Please be sure to subscribe on our Facebook page so you don’t miss any blogs, and to catch updates on our creative jobs.


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