Xeriscaping in Colorado

Xeriscaping in Colorado is becoming more popular. Xeriscaping not only conserves water in Colorado’s dry climate, it can also save money by reducing the amount of watering and maintenance required by grass lawns.  At JDR Pro Landscaping, our landscapers are true professionals in planning, designing, and building the perfect xeriscape landscape for our clients! Give us a call today to get a free quote!

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is also referred to as water conserving landscapes, drought-tolerant landscaping, and smart-scaping. Xeriscaping in Colorado is a great option for many home owners and communities due to the low-maintenance it requires and significant reduction in water consumption. In fact, in March of 2019, a law was passed in Colorado that encouraged the use of xeriscaping over other types of landscaping.

Plants Used in Xeriscaping

Choosing the right plants is essential when it comes to xeriscaping in Colorado. Rather than using sod or grass that require a ton of water to stay healthy, plants in xeriscaping are typically very hard and do not need to be consistently watered. Check out the list below for some ideas of xeriscaping-friendly plants:

Yarrow – These native perennials are extremely drought resistant and require almost no watering, once they have taken hold in your landscaping. Yarrow plants comes in a variety of colors, and they produce flowers on tall stalks throughout the summer, providing color to your xeriscape landscaping.

Apache Plume – These large native deciduous shrubs are extremely hardy and disease and drought resistant. Their whitish stems and branches are accented by the single white flowers that are produced in mid-summer, followed by rose and pink colored plumes. The shrub keeps some of its leaves in the winter, making the tree even more versatile.

Mojave Sage – These large perennial shrubs produce purplish-blue flowers throughout the summer, which along with their silver-green foliage, makes them a popular choice for xeriscapes in Colorado. They also remain semi-evergreen throughout the winter, are drought and disease resistant, and can withstand high temperatures while still flourishing.

Prairie Winecups – This native perennial produces a large number of cup shaped wine-red colored flowers from spring through summer. The plant grows in a low mound of trailing stems that are covered with large round dark green leaves. Prairie Winecups require little care and are extremely drought resistant.

Coral Bells – These extremely hearty plants produce leaves that come in a variety of colors and hues, ranging from light green to burgundy to blue and silvery green. Coral Bells produce flowers of many colors as well, ranging from white to red. These plants grow well in shade and partial sun, making them a great xeriscape plant for more shaded areas.

Marcus salvia Salvia aka “Sage” represent a huge family of ornamental plants that attract a variety of pollinators to their nectar rich flowers. They are resistant to deer and rabbits.

 Catmint, an aromatic herb lavender-blue flowers lushly lavish in mounds of gray-green foliage. This easily grown plant has cool ancient history regarding its various uses in the landscape. the herb is thought to have been first cultivated in the Roman town of Nepeti, where it was used as herbal tea and insect repellent. This is also believed to be the origin of its genus name, Nepeta. Catmint can be grown in sun or partial shade with average, well-draining soil. They are even heat and drought tolerant, good in clay based soils too.

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